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fire extinguisher

These are related to the fire extinguisher news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in fire extinguisher and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand fire extinguisher market.
  • In fact, many people do not use fire extinguishers correctly. Moreover, heavier fire-fighting equipment may not be available to the elderly and children. This not only delayed the fire, but also caused unnecessary casualties. So missed the best time to fire. Today Xiao Bian brought everyone the gosp


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  • Foam shell dry powder fire extinguishing devices include square, cylindrical and spherical bodies, light weight, 0.6 ~ 1.2kg, even the elderly and children can easily use, easy to install in any place where fire may occur, such as distribution box, gas Cans, as well as flammable chemicals. When it c


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  • Dry powder fire extinguishing ball series products, filled with ultra-fine dry powder, when a fire occurs, as long as it is thrown into the fire, the internal super fine dry powder will be released out of the air and extinguish the flame. At the same time, dry powder fire extinguishing ball series p


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  • First, the foam fire extinguisher1. At present, it is mainly chemical foam. In the future, air foam should be developed. The foam can cover the surface of the burning material to prevent air from entering. It is most suitable for fighting liquid fires, and cannot extinguish fires of water-soluble fl


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