SEFIC Materials Workshop
There is a saying: "one can't make bricks without straw." We believe that material quality is a prerequisite for high-quality products, so SEFIC adopts strict control on raw materials procurement procedures and implementation of occasional sampling system There are dlaledl and lng-ermrecords and reportsof work stress, internal stress, strength, ducilitity, hardness, toughness and other mechanical properties and machinablility properties, mechanical properties, malleability, castability.
welability and thermal expansion, magnetic, electrical and other physical and technological properties of raw material.
SEFIC Factory View
SEFIC is comprehensive professional manufacturer with the area of 20,000 square meters factory.
Located in Shanghai, it is a rliable and professional leading supplier of gas equipment which includes gas cylinder, gas tank, gas flingn station and other filated devices which are gas cyinder vave, gas cylinder cap and steel soft pipe.

With the development of globalization,SEFIC strives to reform it's inner and outer structures and has gained improvement from this reformation.SEFIC is developing in the guidance of reforming and opening. Improving ourselves in market economy, we are becoming stronger and our ideas keep in pace with the latest production science and technology. Meanwhile we are looking for more cooperative partners and making the customers satisfactory with our considerate service.
We have a belief that creativity is in the first place. With our experience and efforts, we have been trusted by customers. our atude and sincerity have been highy praised in the prsservessel equipment industy.
SEFIC Storage Workshop
SEFIC keeps implementing the exploration and creativity in the these years,optimizing the present producing process and aiming at providing the first-rate products for clients.
SEFIC products are being widely used in many fields that includes industry welding, medical treatment, food industry, machinery and emergency rescuing.
At present, SEFLC can manufacture 500,000 seamless steel gas cylinder one year and the number is increasing year by year. To match the extant system of production, sale and after-sale service, SEFIC has enlarged the warehouse which provides good conditions for the products inspection and following up work.
SEFIC Processing Workshop
SEFIC introduces advanced equipment, technical standards and quality management system and carries out strict production operation and quality inspection actively so that each team has accurate task and clear responsibility.
However, we know that only doing these things is not enough to keep producing high quality products, we must enhance the awareness of the production concept. Hence, SEFIC uses multiple methods which includes giving lectures, training, contest and speeches. Besides, SEFIC evaluates employees' performance by the scores they obtained in these activities. All of these things we do is to let SEFIC staffs have the idea that quality comes in first place.
We believe that awareness, belief and knowledge of quality that company staffs have are the most important thing in the enterprise management and play a decisive role in it.
SEFIC Delivery Workshop
All of the products will have last inspection in the delivery workshop and then these products will be transported to the departing port and inspected by the customs again.
Usually we choose the FOB and CFR trading terms. If you have other requirement on the trading terms, please contact us before the shipment and we will make the adjustment according to your request.
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