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Product information and drawings
  • First, the foam fire extinguisher1. At present, it is mainly chemical foam. In the future, air foam should be developed. The foam can cover the surface of the burning material to prevent air from entering. It is most suitable for fighting liquid fires, and cannot extinguish fires of water-soluble fl


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  • The installation of the pressure reducing valve must be in accordance with the direction of the arrow on the valve body to maintain the direction of fluid flow. If the water quality is not clean and contains some impurities, the filter must be installed at the upstream inlet of the pressure reducing


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  • Due to production needs, cylinders must be used on site (indoor), the number of which must not exceed 5 bottles, and should meet the following requirements:1. The room must be well ventilated to ensure that the maximum content of hydrogen in the air does not exceed 1% (volume ratio). A louver or ven


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  • Because each cylinder has a certain pressure. The liquefied gas is normally filled into the bottle in a liquid state at a normal temperature, and when the ambient temperature is raised, part of the liquid is converted into a gas to increase the pressure inside the bottle. Therefore, in order to ensu


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  • The cooker is annular, and has a mixed gas injection port on the inner upper circumference; one end of the mixing pipe is connected to one side of the cooker, and the other end is provided with an air regulating port; the middle of the air regulating port is a gas input pipe; The air box is provided


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