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Product information and drawings
  • FIBA has stepped up production of its vaporisers to meet demands from hospitals across the US and beyond.FIBA’s products range up to 20,000 standard cubic feet per hour (SCFH) and are available for immediate delivery, according to the company.Oxygen has been in an increased demand to treat coronavir


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  • Nippon Gases will construct and operate a €10m CO2 recovery unit in Spain for bioethanol producer Vertex Bioenergy.Announcing the news on Monday (14th Dec), Nippon Gases said it will build the facility at the Ecocarburantes Españoles site, property of Vertex Bioenergy, located in Valle de Escombrera


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  • Construction has begun on Air Liquide’s first two biomethane production units in Italy.Working in collaboration with local partner Dentro il Sole (DIS), the units will recycle organic material from agricultural and livestock activities to convert it into biomethane, a renewable energy source.Located


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  • In China, all gas cylinders have a maximum use limit. After expiration, regardless of whether they are used or in good condition, they must be scrapped. According to the latest national standards, the specific classifications are as follows:


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  • Air Products will showcase its technology, equipment and sustainable solutions on hydrogen for mobility, gasification and carbon capture at the 3rd China International Import Expo (CIIE 2020) in Shanghai.Exhibiting for the first time, key highlights will include:Hydrogen for Mobility: comprehensive


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