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Product information and drawings
  • Refrigerant is a working substance that is continuously cyclically changed in a refrigeration system to achieve refrigeration, also called a working fluid. The refrigerant is vaporized in the evaporator to absorb the heat of the cold object and is cooled, and the heat is released into the surroundin


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  • Refrigerant, also known as refrigerant, refrigerant, and snow, is a medium used in various heat engines to complete energy conversion.These materials typically increase power with a reversible phase change, such as gas-liquid phase change. Such as steam in steam engines, snow in refrigerators, and s


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  • First, the main points of permanent gas filling1. Professional training, certification, and compliance procedures2, wearing protective equipment, inspection equipment3. Review cylinders and check air tightness4, open the total valve, ready to inflate5, inspection when filling6, the discovery of the


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  • Stainless steel is generally classified into three types according to metallographic structure: austenitic stainless steel, ferritic stainless steel, and martensitic stainless steel. On the basis of these three basic auspicious organizations, for the specific needs and purposes, dual phase steel, pr


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  • First, the foam fire extinguisher1. At present, it is mainly chemical foam. In the future, air foam should be developed. The foam can cover the surface of the burning material to prevent air from entering. It is most suitable for fighting liquid fires, and cannot extinguish fires of water-soluble fl


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