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Product information and drawings
  • The diameter of the tube can be divided into outer diameter (De), inner diameter (D), and nominal diameter (DN).Note: This is neither the outer diameter nor the inner diameter, but the average of the outer diameter and the inner diameter, called the average inner diameter.When the design uses the no


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  • valves generally have poor sealing performance. Many buyers and even sellers do not know how to solve them. Now we have five methods to solve the poor sealing performance of valves for reference.(1) Grinding methodFine grinding, eliminating traces, reducing or eliminating sealing gaps, improving the


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  • Welding Gases, a gas industry term, has been rapidly developed due to its advantages of good welding quality, high efficiency, and easy automation. The welding shielding gas can be a unit gas or a binary or ternary mixture. The purpose of using welding protective gas is to improve the quality of the


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  • Refrigerant is a working substance that is continuously cyclically changed in a refrigeration system to achieve refrigeration, also called a working fluid. The refrigerant is vaporized in the evaporator to absorb the heat of the cold object and is cooled, and the heat is released into the surroundin


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  • Refrigerant, also known as refrigerant, refrigerant, and snow, is a medium used in various heat engines to complete energy conversion.These materials typically increase power with a reversible phase change, such as gas-liquid phase change. Such as steam in steam engines, snow in refrigerators, and s


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