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To build the core competitiveness of enterprises to strengthen their own sustainable enterprises.
With integrity, excellent quality, innovation, win-win strategy as belief, to manufacture product safety and create a happy life as its mission. On the basis of superior quality, with efficient service to meet customer demand, maximize improve customer profit. For employees to provide a successful career, make a contribution to the world.
Senior SEFIC repeatedly stressed "quality assurance and ascension" for SEFIC development and expansion of the necessity and importance of expected all the staff from the ideology of the quality problems in the process of production and processing attention, combined with their own actual work experience, put forward a constructive suggestion and make joint efforts to cast high quality SEFIC brand.
Nowadays, SEFIC implement "interlocking" quality inspection and supervision system, multilayer checks, repeated verification to ensure products manufactured in the precision, accuracy and punctuality. From the operational orders, orders, drawing, processing, shipping and distribution, each link, SEFIC advocate business and operation personnel self-examination first, also review the upstream link; professional quality inspection personnel inspection, and workshop director supervision and spot checks to combine, letter of guarantee SEFIC produced gas, cylinders, tanks, gas stations and other machining quality, quantity, quality, service quality is a prime example of the industry.
In order to from the source to ensure the high quality, high precision, SEFIC is advocate business orders, make full use of modern communication technology, combined with the fax, Ali Wangwang, Skype, photos and other ways, with the customer close communication, first of all to do single zero error, honestly for the majority of SEFIC customers provide the most satisfied with the gas, cylinders, tanks, gas stations and other products and services.
At the same time, with SEFIC company office and standardize the reform process, the leadership of the company accelerated the improvement of staff job specification system, clear the sector specific responsibilities, the responsibility to the people, put forward the office in writing, from the details of the office to do the business well documented, accountability objective, democratic and transparent.
With competitive price and best service, we will do our best to provide you high quality products and gas project solutions, which is supported by the powerful technical team and experience about gas industry. We aim at creating a better future with customers.
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