Safety Cylinder, Happy Life.
Corporate Vision
SEFIC adheres o the corporate philosophy of "regard quality as credibility, regard credibility as brand, regard brand as life", "repeat simple things, repeat things with care, fine products from focus". sefic has been committed to become the leader of the pressure vessel industry.

The company's technical team and management team have been working in the pressure vessel industry for many years, with rich design experience and manufacturing capabilities, especially in ASME and PED products have a deep understanding and practice. To provide customers with the best quality products and services is the unremitting pursuit of SEFIC people.
In order to meet the customer's pursuit of efficiency and reliability of pressure vessels, SEFIC innovation never stops, as the operation continues to develop and grow, SEFIC began to focus on the development of new energy vessels, we always work together with our customers to provide the best gas transportation equipment solutions to be the driving force of your business development.
We always put our customers' needs first and provide you with tailor-made pressure vessel solutions, and we promise to work together with you to be the driving force of your industrial development.
Green and safe new energy is the future of the earth
In response to the global warming environmental protection measures, SEFIC is committed to protecting our environment.We start clean energy development and increase the production of renewable energy supporting equipment such as hydrogen energy. Clean and safe energy is the future, and SEFIC contributes to the green and sustainable development of the earth.We continue to invest in research and development, aiming to reduce carbon emissions for our customers worldwide by producing gas transportation equipment with lower transportation costs. In addition, our quality products can effectively reduce the leakage of industrial gases into the air during gas storage and transportation.
Firmly follow the road of sustainable development
To create a great global company in a great era, to serve a new era with green and clean energy, and to build a new era.The company's vision is to solve challenges for a sustainable future of humanity and create a better energy world. The company's philosophy is product-centered/customer-led/challenger-based. Adhering to the concept of "intelligent creation of the future", with the vision of "promoting the efficient use of clean energy for human beings", we are committed to becoming a high-quality integrated solution provider for building a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system, and driving sustainable development in the future with green power.
Fight against the epidemic to build a global community of health
During the COVID-19 epidemic, faced with an emergency medical disaster, SEFIC donated 20,000 masks, 50,000 sets of protective clothing to the community, and 100 oxygen cylinder and 50 dewar tank to the hospital.SEFIC will always assist people or medical groups in need through our equipment or funding. Viruses and diseases can cross borders, but the love of all SEFIC employees and customers will spread further to every corner of the world.
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