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  • With the acceleration of the reorganization of the valve industry, the future industry will be the competition between the quality and safety of valve products and product brands. The products will develop in the direction of high technology, high parameters, strong corrosion resistance and long lif


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  • 1. The role of safety valve When the pressure of the medium in the tank rises above the maximum design carrying capacity of the tank, it will act immediately and automatically release the pressure, so that the actual pressure on the tank is limited to the safety permission range, thereby preve


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  • Nitrogen is a colorless and odorless gas under normal conditions and is usually non-toxic. Nitrogen accounts for 78.12% (volume fraction) of the total air. The gas density under standard conditions is 1.25g/L. Nitrogen is difficult to dissolve in water. Under normal temperature and pressure, only 0.


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  • 1 What is a gas busIn order to improve work efficiency and safe production, the gas bus bar combines the gas sources of a single gas supply at a single gas point, and combines multiple gas-containing containers (high-pressure steel cylinders, low-temperature dewars, etc.) to achieve centralized gas


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