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Industry Knowledge
  • 2021.03.23

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  • When we use bottled oxygen, the oxygen is compressed gas under high pressure. What is the volume of this bottle of oxygen at standard atmospheric pressure?After measuring the gas pressure in the bottle, it can generally be approximated by the following formulaV≈V1*P/0.098 V—The volume of gaseous


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  • 1. Process defects during valve casting (1) Hole defects, such as pores, shrinkage holes, porosity, slag holes, blisters and iron beans. They may expand into hidden dangers in use. Most of the pores are distributed on the surface of cast iron or near the surface, which are spherical or pear-shaped;


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  • Dewar flask (tank) is a stainless steel pressure vessel with super vacuum insulation. It is designed for storing, transporting and using liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon or carbon dioxide. These containers are manufactured according to the DOT4L standard and are used for reliable and eco


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  • Soletair Power has designed, built and installed a new air filtration and purification system that removes harmful carbon dioxide from the air and turns it into useable fuel.The Finland-based company today announced the power to fuels production process which combines the air we breath out with ener


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