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Industry Knowledge
  • High-pressure alloy pipe material variety and different nature, therefore regardless of iron metal and nonferrous metal materials, or non-metallic materials will be discussed later natural has different applications. When choosing materials, high alloy steel pipe products by using occasions (for exa


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  • 1. Prevent yourself from being angry. It is dangerous for some users to pour their own gas from one cylinder to another. This will not only produce static electricity, but also vaporize the pressurized liquefied petroleum gas, which will expand by 250 to 350 times faster than before. When it is mixe


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  • With various aspects of the rapid development of society, all kinds of mechanical role in the industrial gas is more and more cause the attention of relevant personage, and industrial gas continuously reform will steel seamless gas cylinders application domain gradually spread, its important functio


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  • The first category is steel or aluminum alloy metal bottles (CNG-1);The second type is composite steel gas cylinders (CNG-2) reinforced with steel or aluminum lined with barrels and impregnated with long-fiber resin.The third type is a composite gas cylinder (CNG-3) reinforced with steel or aluminum


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  • (1) OxygenThe molecular formula of oxygen is O2. It is a strong oxidant and combustion improver. When high-concentration oxygen encounters oil, it will undergo a strong oxidation reaction, generate high temperature, and even burn and explode. Therefore, it is listed as a Class B fire hazardous subst


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