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Industry Knowledge
  • CNG is compressed natural gas, which is pressurized natural gas and stored in a gaseous state in a container.LNG is liquefied natural gas. Natural gas is compressed and cooled to its boiling point (-161.5 degrees Celsius) to become a liquid. Usually, liquefied natural gas is stored in a low-temperat


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  • With about one million new cases of new coronary pneumonia coronavirus reported every week worldwide, the World Health Organization warns that hospitals are facing a shortage of oxygen concentrators.This vital device supports those patients with dangerous coronary artery disease who cannot get enoug


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  • Recently, the International Natural Gas Union (IGU) released its annual LNG report, saying that as of 2019, global LNG trade has experienced six consecutive years of growth. In 2019, global LNG trade volume rose by 13% year-on-year. However, with the spread of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic wor


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  • Due to production needs, gas cylinders must be used on site (indoor), the number of which must not exceed 5 cylinders, and should meet the following requirements:1. The room must be well ventilated to ensure that the maximum hydrogen content in the air does not exceed 1% (volume ratio).The top of th


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  • High-pressure alloy pipe material variety and different nature, therefore regardless of iron metal and nonferrous metal materials, or non-metallic materials will be discussed later natural has different applications. When choosing materials, high alloy steel pipe products by using occasions (for exa


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