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Industry Knowledge
  • No. Filling gas name Chemical type Bottle color Typeface Color circle1 acetylene white acetylene can not be near fire red2 hydrogen H2 light green hydrogen red red P=20, light yellow single ringP=30, light yellow double ring3 Oxygen O2 Light (酞) Blue Oxygen Black P=20, white single ring4 nitrogen N2


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  • Helium has the following characteristics:1. The content of radon in the air is extremely small, accounting for only about one in 200,000, which is easy to find;2. The ruthenium molecule is small, light in weight, easy to diffuse, and easy to pass through the leak hole than other gases;3. The cesium


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  • The main load of the gas cylinder is internal gas pressure, wind load and earthquake action. The wind vibration coefficient should be considered in wind loads. The wind load shape coefficient of the high pressure spherical tank can generally be 0.30 to 0.35. The horizontal seismic action of the wet


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  • Ethylene is a colorless anesthetic gas having a characteristic sweet smell of hydrocarbons at normal temperature and pressure. It is chemically active and forms an explosive mixture with air. It is extremely flammable and explosive. It can be combined with chlorine gas under the sun to cause an expl


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  • Temperature: macroscopically, the degree of heat and cold of an object; microscopically, a sign of the intensity of the irregular movement of molecules inside the object.The relationship between thermodynamic temperature and Celsius temperature: T = t + 273 {T: thermodynamic temperature (K), t: Cels


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