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The difference between high-purity gas oxygen and medical oxygen

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High purity oxygen

       As the name suggests, the purity is very high, there is 99.999% high-purity oxygen, and 99.9999% ultra-high-purity oxygen, many customers often think that high-purity oxygen is medical oxygen without knowing it.

Most of the high-purity gas oxygen is manufactured separately from air. That is, air liquefaction is purified by rectification. Low temperature total distillation is also available. Minority oxygen adopts electrolytic oxygen as material, and high-purity oxygen with a purity of more than 99.99% can be prepared by catalytic dehydrogenation. Other purification methods include pressure swing adsorption and membrane dissociation.

       High-purity oxygen is impurity content has reached a certain standard, mainly used in scientific research, experiments and other fields, high-purity oxygen directly used in medical use is a big problem, therefore, high-purity oxygen is not equal to medical oxygen. Supply breathing: used in hypoxic, hypoxic or anaerobic environments, such as: diving operations, mountaineering, high-altitude flight, medical rescue, etc. In addition, oxygen is also widely used in metal cutting and welding.

Medical oxygen

       Commonly known as dry oxygen; Refers to the use of cryogenic separation to separate oxygen from the atmosphere to supply oxygen for medical treatment. The oxygen content is not less than 99.5%, colorless, odorless, and less harmful impurities, which is a special circulation commodity. The test items include oxygen content, moisture content, carbon dioxide content, carbon monoxide content, gaseous acid and alkaline content, ozone and other gaseous oxides, odor, etc., and harmful gases and impurities such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide must be filtered during the production process.

       High purity oxygen purity ≥ 99.995% has not been removed from harmful impurities. Do not mix with medical oxygen!

       Medical oxygen is specially used for patient breathing, for medical use, in addition to medical oxygen is in line with the human body oxygen, but also need the relevant national qualification certification to ensure that the patient will not be in danger when using.

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