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Fire extinguisher type and scope of use

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First, the foam fire extinguisher

1. At present, it is mainly chemical foam. In the future, air foam should be developed. The foam can cover the surface of the burning material to prevent air from entering. It is most suitable for fighting liquid fires, and cannot extinguish fires of water-soluble flammable and flammable liquids (such as alcohols, esters, ethers, ketones, etc.) and electrical fires.

When using it, first use the finger to block the nozzle and turn the cylinder upside down twice, and the foam will be ejected. For oil fires, do not spray against the center of the oil surface to prevent the oil from igniting from escaping. Follow the fire roots and spray upwards to gradually cover the oil surface to extinguish the fire. Do not point the bottom of the tube against the human body during use, in case of danger.

Second, carbon dioxide fire extinguisher

1. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers use carbon dioxide gas stored in high-pressure gas cylinders as fire extinguishing agent to extinguish fires. After carbon dioxide fire extinguishing, no traces are left. It is suitable for saving valuable equipment, file data, computer indoor fire, it is not conductive and suitable for saving. Charged low-voltage electrical equipment and oil fires, but it can not be used to save potassium, sodium, magnesium, aluminum and other materials.

Third, 1211 fire extinguisher

1. The "1211" fire extinguisher is a highly effective fire extinguishing agent. It does not pollute the items when it is extinguished, and it does not leave any traces. It is especially suitable for fighting fires of precision instruments, electronic equipment and cultural relics. Its fire-extinguishing principle is also a chain reaction that inhibits continuous burning, and is also suitable for fighting oil fires.

When using, first unplug the safety pin, then hold the pressure switch, that is, the medicine is sprayed out. When used, the fire extinguisher body should be vertical and should not be used flat or inverted. Its range is relatively close. When it is sprayed, it should stand on the wind, approach the fire point, sweep against the root of the fire source, and advance forward. Pay attention to prevent re-ignition.

The "1211" fire extinguisher should check the nitrogen pressure every three months. Check the weight and pressure of the drug every half year. If the weight of the drug is reduced by 10%, it should be re-inflated and filled.

2, "1211" fire extinguisher, 1kg effective range of 2.5m, 2-3kg range of 3.5m, 4kg range of 4.5m, time is 8 seconds. "1211" cart effective range: 25kg range 8m, time 20 seconds, 40kg range 8m, time 25 seconds.

Fourth, dry powder fire extinguisher:

1. The dry powder storage type fire extinguisher (portable type) is powered by nitrogen gas, and the dry powder in the cylinder is pressed out. Suitable for fighting petroleum products, paints, organic solvent fires. It suppresses the chain reaction of combustion and extinguishes fire. Also suitable for extinguishing liquids, gases, electrical fires (dry powder has an electrical insulation performance of more than 50,000 volts). Some can also save solid fires.

2. When using the dry powder cart, first push the cart fire extinguisher to the vicinity of the fire source, pull out the spray hose and straighten it, pull out the safety pin, open the handle of the straight door, and align the root of the flame to make the powder sweep. Focus on the flame, pay attention to cut off the fire source, control the flames, and push the fire from near and far forward.

3, dry powder fire extinguisher (MFZ) 2-3kg effective range distance 2.5m, 4-5kg range of 4m, time 8-9 seconds. The 8kg range is 5m and the time is 12 seconds. (MFTZ) 35-50kg cart has an effective range of 8m and a time of 20 seconds. The 70kg cart has a range of 9m and a time of 25 seconds.

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