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Dry powder fire extinguisher ball unit

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Dry powder fire extinguishing ball series products, filled with ultra-fine dry powder, when a fire occurs, as long as it is thrown into the fire, the internal super fine dry powder will be released out of the air and extinguish the flame. At the same time, dry powder fire extinguishing ball series products in the work, the noise produced as the alarm sound, used to inform the people around: "fire, attention to safety". The product without any harm to human body, very suitable for relatively small, dry place, even in the case of unattended operation, as long as where flammable, fire, automatic fire extinguishing.


The fire safety of high-rise buildings should be based on "self-protection" to ensure the fire safety, the key is to prevent the disaster before it happens. Prepare for a rainy day. Families prepare fire equipment in advance. If there is a fire, the loss and casualties can be minimized. Any fire starts small. In a home fire, the first three to five minutes of the fire is the golden time to put out the fire, it is difficult for firefighters to arrive within a few minutes. At this point, a simple dry powder fireball is often able to control the fire. When emphasizing the provision of household fire equipment, the most important thing is to develop good fire use and fire prevention habits before the fire occurs. Keep calm when fire occurs, use fire equipment for self - rescue or other rescue.

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