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Uganda client visits SEFIC

Views: 11     Author: Peter-SEFIC     Publish Time: 2017-07-05      Origin: SEFIC

Welcome to SEFIC News Channel! SEFIC is a gas cylinder manufacturer & gas project solution supplier in China. We offer gas project solution & gas equipment - Oxygen Gas Cylinder, Nitrogen Gas Cylinder, Argon Gas Cylinder,  CO2 Gas Cylinder,  Hydrogen Gas Cylinder,  Acetylene gas cylinder,  Helium Gas Cylinder, CO2 Cartridge and  Aluminum Cylinder … CE/TUV certified.

the client visit SEFIC

The first day and the air plane landed in hongqiao airport and we pick up Uganda client at putong airport , which is very funny as a begining.

gas cylinder

The second day, the client come to visit our office and talked about the project of oxygen gas plant and our related products. We also took many beautiful pictures with our colleges and also have delicious lunch together.

gas cylinder manufacturer china gas bottle

I remembered that the clients are very funny and easygoing . Then had their hair cut at Oriental Trading Place, at same time , we also visit the home palce.

SEFIC Customers gas bottle manufacturer

The third day, We went to the China Art Museum, visited the ancient Chinese painting and calligraphy museum, where he met some lovely children, they took photo with them, at noon.

gas cylinders

In the afternoon we went to visit the Expo, the Mercedes-Benz Museum, where we bring them a taste of traditional Chinese food - Chinese noodles, and then we'll take them to try a traditional Chinese massage.

china gas cylinders china gas bottle manufacturer

The fourth day , we make detailed techincal proposal of oxygen gas plant, designed the general pid drawing as they requirements and they take all techincal files back to their country . In afternoon, we went to the most famous place to go shopping at nanjing road . Where they bought many bags, clothes and shoes and T-shirt for them and their children.

china gas cylinder manufacturer SEFIC customer

And then visited the famous tower in the world ------east oriental pears and the shanghai central , which the most highest building in china and the third in the world . In the following , We went to visit the Shanghai Bund, where they can feel the ancient and modern Shanghai, then, we return to Baoshan hotel.

china gas cylinder gas bottle

  ( Author: Peter )


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