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  • AerospaceArgon is a versatile industrial gas commonly used in welding operations such as specialty alloys, as well as in light bulb and laser production. As an inert gas, argon provides an oxygen-free and nitrogen-free environment for the heat treatment process.metal productionArgon inhibits oxidati


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  • Following its invasion of neighbouring Ukraine earlier this year, Russia was slammed with a multitude of EU-imposed sanctions that have impacted a range of industries within the country.One such industry is Russia’s carbonated beverage sector, which has been experiencing a shortage of carbon dioxide


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  • Reason 1: The acetylene bottle is equipped with filler and solvent (acetone). When it is used horizontally, acetone is easy to flow out with the acetylene flow, which not only increases the consumption of acetone, but also reduces the combustion temperature and affects the use. At the same time, it


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  • Inert gases are not common in our lives. In addition to neon, inert gases also include helium, argon, krypton, xenon, radon and other gases. They are difficult to carry out chemical reactions at normal temperature and pressure, so they are named "inert". This "lazy" gas, although uncommon, has great


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