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  • Liquid nitrogen (often written as LN2) is a liquid form of nitrogen formed at low temperatures. Nitrogen has a boiling point of -196°C, and liquid nitrogen will be formed if the temperature is below this under normal atmospheric pressure; if it is pressurized, liquid nitrogen can be obtained at a hi


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  • Cryogenic liquid storage tanks are generally equipped with a self-pressurization system. In order to ensure the normal supply of gas, the self-pressurization of the LNG storage tank is completed by a loop composed of a storage tank, a booster, and a booster regulating valve. During operation, the se


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  • 1. When road construction, construction projects, or various vehicles are walking, they are attached to the scattered earth, sand, dust, iron powder, etc.2. When it is contaminated by harmful substances such as sulfurous acid gas contained in the exhaust of cars, buses, etc.3. It is polluted by the


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  • Since the third round of the “new crown epidemic” broke out in India in mid-April, the All India Industrial Gas Manufacturers Association (AIIGMA) and its members have successively carried out follow-up reports on the procurement of medical gas cylinders and oxygen production equipment from Chinese


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