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  • As the summer season is upon us, the usual spike in demand to repair and/or upgrade carbon dioxide (CO2) cylinder filling equipment is present. But this year is a little different. Over the past couple of years, the industry has been encouraged by beverage groups and major bottling companies to comp


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  • Manufacturing and selling highpurity specialty gases requires complex resources and represents a significant investment for industrial gas distributors.The profitability of specialty gases makes them a highly desirable product line, and many distributors today are considering entering this business,


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  • The US industrial gas (IG) business has a unique multi-tiered supply channel made up of producers, distributors, and customers/markets. Gas producers are large, publicly held companies with national market penetration.They supply gases directly to both distributors and to customers in all markets, v


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  • Air separation units (ASUs) are at the heart of the industrial gases business. Towering structures with clean lines and vast lengths of piping, these mega-facilities are synonymous with the image of the industry, just like the cryogenic tankers that ship the gases produced.Oxygen, nitrogen, and argo


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