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Royal Helium signs three-year CO2 supply deal in the US

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Royal Helium will supply food and beverage-grade carbon dioxide (CO2) from its Steveville processing and purification facility to a US-based customer.

Under terms of an offtake agreement announced today (26th March), the Canadian firm will supply the CO2 for a term of three years.

The supplied CO2 will primarily serve markets in the Pacific Northwest region of the US.

David Young, President of Royal Helium, said the agreement marks a significant expansion of the economics of the company’s facility.

He added, “This agreement is a testament to our strategic approach to fully monetising each facility. We anticipate further opportunities to meet the growing unmet demand for CO2, and purified commercial products, across various underserved markets.”

Royal Helium’s Steveville Production plant is engineered to process 15,000,000 cubic feet of raw gas per day, resulting in an annual production of 22,000 million cubic feet per year of 99.999% pure helium.

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