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  • The large amount of spatter generated during industrial welding is due to the use of carbon dioxide gas for shielded welding, and the emergence of argon and carbon dioxide mixed gas (referred to as argon gas) shielded welding solves this problem. Compared with pure carbon dioxide gas shielded weldin


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  • First, the role of aeration grit tank (1) Working principle of aerated grit tank: The aerated grit tank is due to aeration, which produces a swirl on the cross-section of the grit tank, and the water flow in the entire grit tank produces a spiral flow form. Inorganic sand grains are caused by cent


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  • High purity oxygen As the name suggests, the purity is very high, there is 99.999% high-purity oxygen, and 99.9999% ultra-high-purity oxygen, many customers often think that high-purity oxygen is medical oxygen without knowing it.Most of the high-purity gas oxygen is manufactured separately fr


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  • Speaking at the COP27 negotiations in Egypt, UK Business Secretary Grant Shapps announced that the UK will invest over £65m to speed up the development of new green technologies.The investment builds on the legacy of COP26 in Glasgow, where the UK founded the Breakthrough Agenda – a coalition formed


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  • A liquefied biogas (LBG) plant to be built in Denmark will allow ships to bunker clean fuel directly from dock, enabling the shipping industry to reduce emissions and increase refuelling efficiency.Having recently started construction on the new facility, Nordliq plans to begin supplying LBG to both


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