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  • Since the gas cylinder is a pressure vessel, the following precautions must be taken during storage to prevent suffocation, fire, explosion, high pressure and injury caused by mishandling the compressed gas cylinder.The following acts are prohibited 1. The storage temperature exceeds 52℃; 2. S


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  • 1. The user shall ensure that the purchased gas cylinders are of reliable quality, with accurate and intact markings, and shall not change the stamp and color marking of the gas cylinders without authorization. During the inspection, according to the type of purchased experimental gas, check whether


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  • Refers to the oxygen whose oxygen concentration reaches 99.5% of the quality requirements. It is suitable for the adjuvant treatment of respiratory system diseases, heart and cerebrovascular diseases caused by hypoxia to relieve the symptoms of hypoxia; it can also be used for health care oxygen inh


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  • 1. Application of liquid nitrogen in food quick-freezing Among the numerous collection methods, the frozen collection method is the most widely used, and the results are also very obvious. Liquid nitrogen quick-freezing, one of the methods of freezing and storage, has long been accepted by fo


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  • Cylinders filled with various gases have a bottle valve on the mouth of the bottle to control the gas in and out. Wear a cap on this bottle valve to ensure that the bottle valve is not damaged by machinery and ensure safety. It is an important accessory of the gas cylinder, which is called a safety


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