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Why do gas cylinders wear helmets?

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Cylinders filled with various gases have a bottle valve on the mouth of the bottle to control the gas in and out. Wear a cap on this bottle valve to ensure that the bottle valve is not damaged by machinery and ensure safety. It is an important accessory of the gas cylinder, which is called a safety cap.

       Because the valve of the steel cylinder is mostly made of copper alloy, which is relatively fragile. Although some are made of steel, because its structure is smaller than the bottle body, it is screwed on the bottle body to form a right angle between the bottle neck and the bottle valve joint. It is not only the fragile point of the bottle body, but also the protruding point of the bottle body, which is most vulnerable to mechanical damage or external impact. If the gas cylinder falls, falls, rolls or is hit by other hard objects due to inadvertent damage during handling, storage and use, it is easy to break the joint between the bottle valve joint and the neck of the bottle.

       As a result of the rupture of the bottle neck or the bottle valve, the high-pressure gas in the bottle is out of control, and the high-pressure gas is ejected. , the gas ejected at high speed in the bottle will be determined by the nature of the gas in the bottle, which will lead to more serious secondary accidents (such as fire, explosion, poisoning, etc.). If the bottle is filled with flammable gas, the static electricity generated by the intense friction of the high-speed jet or other fire sources can cause combustion and explosion.

       On the other hand: the bottle valve is exposed to the outside, and it is easy to invade dust or grease during the process of handling and storage, which brings danger. Wearing a helmet can prevent the contamination and intrusion of dust or grease.

       In order to eliminate the above-mentioned dangers, it is required that the bottle-making unit must be equipped with a safety helmet when the cylinders leave the factory. When using gas, unscrew the safety cap and place it at a fixed place. After use, put on the bottle cap and tighten it in time, and do not throw it away. Do not forget to wear a safety helmet when handling and unloading. The inflating unit shall not inflate the cylinder without a safety helmet.

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