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What is the difference about Medical Oxygen and industrial oxygen?

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The core requirements of medical oxygen is not harmful to humans

Not only to maximize the direct control of the content of toxic substances in the human body, but also to minimize cylinders and other containers of corrosive substances and indirectly lead content of harmful substances generated.

Medical oxygen concentration greater than 99.5 percent oxygen requirement

The concentration of the industry for more than 99% oxygen concentration, the concentration of medical oxygen requirements of five percentage points higher, must be greater than 99.5%. Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, the gaseous acid substances and ozone and other oxidizing species have more stringent requirements. Although this 0.5% percentage point, from the production process is not strict requirements and supporting the filling equipment is difficult to achieve.

Medical Oxygen must strictly control the presence of water

As the main component of the cylinder iron, iron + oxygen does not produce chemical reactions take place once the water is mixed iron + oxygen + water = rust, rust inside the cylinder to produce tiny particles of iron oxide, while also precipitate other reactions It was not only reduces the quality of oxygen, in extreme cases also have adverse effects on the human body. Industrial oxygen medical oxygen to water is better strict control, with a longer period of industrial oxygen cylinders rust often the case can pour water will appear.

Medical oxygen should be no odor

Oxygen is a colorless, odorless gas that can make people feel out the possibility of odor described oxygen used in the excessive levels of impurities is relatively large. Like the above-mentioned non-standard rust and filling process will lead to the emergence of odor. Industrial oxygen due to the control of water is less than the standard medical oxygen, so often used in the cylinder rust over time and the presence of moisture.

Font identification through the cylinder bottle

Industrial oxygen medical oxygen gas cylinders must be marked their name in the bottle and stored separately, so regulate oxygen gas cylinder will be marked under the management of medical oxygen or industrial oxygen in the bottle.

Medical oxygen is regulated as drugs

《Chinese Pharmacopoeia》 collection contains the medicinal medical oxygen standards and implement approval number and license management system for their production.

Medical Oxygen in the rescue and assist the patient when treatment with, our medical oxygen from the very beginning in 2000 included drug management, "People's Republic of China Pharmacopoeia 2005" provides a mandatory national standard medical oxygen, Medical Oxygen concentration is set at not less than 99.5%, while in the production process must be carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other harmful gases and impurities filtered and regulations must be accompanied by a certificate of medical oxygen oxygen bottles, in addition, must be marked on the bottle big "Medical Oxygen" the words.

Mainly used for industrial oxygen gas flame processing and other industrial purposes, performing a national voluntary standards, quality requirements are relatively low, more impurities contained in the compression stroke installation process, there is acidic or alkaline water with lubrication into the gas cylinders.

Further presence of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, a halogen gas, such as acetylene extremely harmful to human impurities industrial oxygen. Industrial oxygen great harm to the human body, industrial oxygen impurities and harmful gases on the upper and lower respiratory tract could easily lead to injury. After the nasal mucosa injury will runny nose, lower respiratory tract damage can cause respiratory mucosal edema, airway spasm, poor ventilation function, dyspnea, hypoxemia, but poor oxygen supply station hospitals and industrial oxygen instead of medical oxygen, great harm. The need for oxygen mostly critically ill patients, and to respiratory diseases and cardiovascular diseases are most welcome. Once the patient inhalation of excessive industrial oxygen, can cause or aggravate respiratory illnesses, severe lack of oxygen uptake can easily result in the emergence of life-threatening. Thus, medical oxygen and industrial mix of oxygen is not available.

Therefore, the Chinese drug regulatory departments have been included in the medical oxygen drugs to manage the requirements of production and operation of medical oxygen must obtain a permit. Obviously, industrial oxygen is an industrial material, and medical oxygen is a kind of life-saving drugs, absolutely not allowed to use industrial oxygen instead of medical oxygen to the patient.

( Editor: Gavin-SEFIC )

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