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What are the requirements for oxygen cylinders?

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We are all familiar with oxygen bottles, especially in hospitals, which are important for transporting and storing oxygen. Its main purpose is used for auxiliary treatment of respiratory diseases caused by lack of oxygen, heart and cardiovascular system diseases, oxygen equipment, mainly used in hospital, station, nursing homes and home care, first aid, personal care and various kinds of anaerobic environment. So what are the security requirements?


1. The oxygen cylinder should be put on a fixed supporting bracket and should be put on a fixed bracket to take measures to prevent sunlight exposure.

2. The oxygen in the oxygen cylinder cannot be used up completely. The remaining pressure must be left to prevent the explosion of acetylene pouring. Oxygen cylinders with residual pressure should be tightened and marked with "empty bottles".

3. When the oxygen cylinder attachment is defective, the valve screw thread should be stopped.

4. Do not operate gas cylinders with oil - stained hands and tools in case of an explosion.

5. Oxygen cylinders should not collide strongly. The use of throwing, throwing and other means of impingement shall be prohibited for handling or handling. It is strictly forbidden to crane with electromagnetic crane.

6. When opening the bottle valve and the decompression device, the person should stand on the side; The speed of the opening should be slow to prevent the temperature of the organic material from being too hot or the airflow to produce static spark. And it causes combustion.

7, in winter, the cylinder pressure reducer and piping freeze occurs, it is forbidden to use fire baking or use of things like iron slam cylinders, more can't fierce screw adjusting screw decompression table, to prevent all of a sudden a lot out of oxygen, cause an accident.

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