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What are the advantages of medical oxygen tanks?

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Oxygen is our basic survival conditions, no oxygen, we cannot survive, we can see some patients in the hospital is needed medical oxygen tanks, because these patients only by providing oxygen, oxygen tank to breathe normally, so for the oxygen tank storage have strict requirements. So what are the advantages of medical oxygen tanks? Let me introduce you.

We all know is to keep quiet in the hospital, patients are all need to rest in a quiet environment, so oxygen bomb not noises, avoid the cylinder loading and unloading of a crash, improve the noise effects on the patients recovered.


In addition, the quality of the oxygen tank is also a very reliable, specially designed, each gas testing of medical liquid oxygen tank, testing qualified distribution to specialized medical hospital tank, prevent cross contamination, to ensure the quality of oxygen, also make sure that the treatment for the patient to have more good.

In addition, medical oxygen tanks safe operation, high pressure oxygen into low pressure oxygen, the original cylinder pressure is 15 MPa, tank pressure 0.8 MPa, hospital working pressure is 0.55 MPa, eliminates the high-pressure storage security hidden danger in the past, let medical oxygen usually have a secure storage environment.

The storage of medical oxygen must be carried out according to the standard, and must be supervised by a special person to ensure that the stored procedure is safe.

Through the above introduction, I hope you can understand the advantages of the medical oxygen bottle, our company provides qualified medical oxygen gas bottle, you are welcome to choose!

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