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WHO warns of global shortage of oxygen concentrators

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With about one million new cases of new coronary pneumonia coronavirus reported every week worldwide, the World Health Organization warns that hospitals are facing a shortage of oxygen concentrators.

This vital device supports those patients with dangerous coronary artery disease who cannot get enough oxygen into the bloodstream through normal breathing. According to WHO data, at the current rate of new cases every week, the world needs about 620,000 cubic meters of oxygen per day, which is equivalent to about 88,000 large steel cylinders. Medical oxygen is produced with an oxygen concentrator, which extracts and purifies oxygen from the air. WHO Director-General Tan Desai said at a media briefing yesterday: "Many countries are now experiencing difficulties in obtaining oxygen concentrators."

"80% of the market share is only owned by a few companies and is currently in short supply."

WHO said it is working with United Nations partners and manufacturers around the world through various private sector networks to purchase oxygen concentrators for the countries most in need.

The ongoing negotiations with suppliers in recent weeks have enabled WHO to purchase 14,000 oxygen concentrators, which will be shipped to 120 countries in the coming weeks.

WHO has identified another 170,000 concentrators. These concentrators can be provided in the next 6 months, valued at US$100 million.

In addition, the WHO said it has purchased 9,800 pulse oximeters, which are simple devices used to monitor oxygen in the blood of patients and are being prepared for shipment.

Tan Desai said: "Another challenge is that many critically ill patients require oxygen at a higher flow rate than the oxygen produced by most commercial concentrators."

"To meet this challenge, WHO is supporting several countries to purchase equipment to enable them to produce their own concentrated oxygen in large quantities. For new coronary pneumonia and beyond, this is a sustainable solution, but requires technical expertise Perform maintenance.

Author: Joanna Sampson (Joanna Sampson)

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