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Vehicle fuel--CNG and LNG

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CNG is compressed natural gas, which is pressurized natural gas and stored in a gaseous state in a container.

LNG is liquefied natural gas. Natural gas is compressed and cooled to its boiling point (-161.5 degrees Celsius) to become a liquid. Usually, liquefied natural gas is stored in a low-temperature storage tank at -161.5 degrees Celsius and about 0.1 MPa.


The CNG filling time is longer. Compared with LNG, the gas cylinders filled with the same capacity, CNG will double or even more time than LNG.


Since CNG is only stored in the gas tank by high-pressure compression, the loading efficiency of the gas cylinder is much lower than that of LNG.

On cruising range:

Generally speaking, vehicles using CNG fuel are used in cities and nearby areas. The reason for the capacity of gas cylinders is that more gas filling stations need to be established to meet the gas filling requirements. First, it causes waste of limited resources, and second Affect the user's effective running time.


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