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Use cylinders

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The location of the cylinder shall not be close to the heat source, and shall be maintained at more than 10m in the office and residential area.

Cylinders should be prevent insolate, rain, water immersion, environment temperature 40 ℃, shading and other measures should be taken to cool.

Oxygen cylinders and acetylene cylinders should be placed separately, at least 5 meters apart, and 10 meters away from the open fire. A gas cylinder, such as a acetylene cylinder, that is prone to polymerization or decomposition of the reaction gas, should avoid the radioactive source.

Gas cylinders should be used, no lying down, and measures should be taken to prevent dumping.

Before the acetylene cylinder is used, it must first stand 20min before connecting to the relief valve.

Air cylinders and accessories should be kept clean and dry to prevent contamination of corrosive media and dust. The oxygen cylinder valve shall not be stained with grease, and the welder shall not contact the oxygen bottle valve, the pressure reducer, etc., with the tools, gloves or oil coveralls with grease.

It is prohibited to contact the cylinder with the electrical equipment and circuit, and the piping and equipment that are in contact with the cylinder shall be grounded. In the air, welding and welding of the site, to prevent the oxygen cylinder from being charged, such as the ground is the iron plate, to make the board or the rubber cushion to be insulated.

Acetylene cylinders shall not be placed on rubber or other insulators.

Of a cylinder valve or pressure reducer has frozen, frost phenomenon, may not be roasted with fire, gas cylinders can be moved to indoor or high temperature place, or use the below 40 ℃ warm water blunt water, then slowly open the cylinder valve.

It is forbidden to use more than 40 ℃ temperature heat source for heating cylinder.

When opening or closing the cylinder valve, use the hand or the special wrench, and no other tools are allowed to prevent damage valve parts. The valve with handwheel is not able to use a wrench. If the valve is damaged, the cylinder should be isolated and repaired.

Opening or closing the cylinder valve should be slow, especially the gas flask of a flammable gas, to prevent heat or static sparks.

When opening the valve door, the person should stand on the side of the cylinder.

For the use of acetylene cylinder, the special hand of the cylinder valve of the closed acetylene cylinder should always be installed on the valve.

The valve of welding, cutting tool and acetylene cylinder valve must be closed when used temporarily. It is strictly prohibited to hold the welding, cutting tool to adjust the pressure reducer or to open and close acetylene cylinder valve.

Special pressure reducer and tempering preventer must be configured on the outlet of acetylene cylinder cylinder valve. The compressor must be combined with clamping device and the bottle valve.

In normal use, the pressure drop of the acetylene cylinder should not exceed 0.1mpa/h, and if the flow is larger, it should be used to supply the gas with a multi-acetylene cylinder.

When the cylinder is used, close the valve, release the pressure of the decompression, and wear a bottle cap.

It is strictly forbidden to knock and bump cylinders. It is strictly forbidden to do arc welding on cylinders.

The gas in the bottle must not be exhausted. The remaining pressure must be left. The remaining pressure of the compressed gas cylinder shall not be less than 0.05 MPa, and the gas cylinder shall contain no less than 0.5% ~ 1.0% of the remaining gas.

Close the valve to prevent leakage and keep the air pressure positive.

It is prohibited to dispose of the residual liquid in the cylinder.

In the case of possible backflow, devices must be configured to prevent backflow, such as one-way valve, check valve, buffer, etc.

After the cylinder has been put into use, the bottle body shall not be filled and repaired. It is strictly prohibited to use cylinders for other purposes.

When the cylinder is finished, keep it properly. The cylinder should have status labels (" empty bottle ", "use medium", "full bottle" label).

It is strictly prohibited to use gas cylinders in case of leakage.

During the use of the gas cylinder leak, to find out the cause, take corrective action in time.

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