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Understanding of acetylene gas

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Ethylene is a colorless anesthetic gas having a characteristic sweet smell of hydrocarbons at normal temperature and pressure. It is chemically active and forms an explosive mixture with air. It is extremely flammable and explosive. It can be combined with chlorine gas under the sun to cause an explosion. It can react strongly with oxidants, and there are dangers of burning and exploding in Mars, high heat and combustion-supporting gases. Standard gas, calibration gas, raw materials for producing polyethylene, ethylene oxide, vinyl chloride, vinyl acetate, propylene rubber, etc., ripening agent for fruits such as fragrant coke, refrigerant, welding and cutting, synthetic fiber.

Molecular weight: 28.054

Gas density (0 ° C, 101.325 kPa): 1.261 kg / m3

Relative density (gas, 101.325 kPa, 0 ° C, air = 1): 0.975

Specific volume (21.1 ° C, 101.325 kPa): 0.8615 m3 / kg

Gas-liquid volume ratio (15 ° C, 100 kPa): 482 L / L

Critical temperature: 9.9 °C

Critical density: 266.2kg/m3

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