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The world's first offshore wind power hydrogen production plant is about to go online

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An offshore hydrogen plant is planned to be put into operation in France next year. The plant is powered by floating wind turbines.

The hydrogen production system will be installed at the SEM-REV demonstration site off the coast of Le Croisic, France, where it will be connected to Floatgen wind turbines. According to the Centale Nantes (Centale Nantes), this will be the world's first offshore green hydrogen production facility to be put into operation.

The project will be established by the French renewable hydrogen project developer Lhyfe in cooperation with Chantiers de l’Atlantique. Atlantic Anthem will install electrolyzers on GEPS Techno's floating platform at the SEM-REV site and connect it to various marine renewable energy sources, including Floatgen.

“We believe that for the upcoming large-scale hydrogen deployment, offshore production of renewable hydrogen is a very suitable solution. Lhyfe CEO and founder Matthieu Guesné said: “Through this partnership and the most advanced in this field With our expertise, we have made considerable progress in development and are determined to become the first company in the world to deploy offshore renewable hydrogen production solutions.

The Nantes Center stated that, before moving towards large-scale industrial deployment in 2024, the offshore proving ground meets all standards for validating offshore hydrogen production technology.

It is said that Lhyfe and Atlantic Anthem are designing an offshore hydrogen production platform with a capacity from 10 megawatts to several hundred megawatts, which can be built in Saint-Nazaire as early as 2024.

As for Floatgen, this 2 MW floating wind turbine was installed at the SEM-REV site in 2018 and started supplying power to the French grid in the same year.

Floatgen consists of a Vestas V80 wind turbine installed on the foundation of a damping pool developed by Ideol (now BW Ideol). Earlier this year, it was reported that Floatgen broke its own record in 2020 and generated more power than the previous year. An increase of 14%.

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