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The test method of propane cylinder is introduced

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In recent years, with the rapid growth of the national economy and the rapid development of industrial gas industry, the number of enterprises owned by the industry has increased greatly. The development must be accompanied by corresponding contradictions and problems, which highlight how to realize the scientific and normative test of the propane cylinder.

Test method of propane cylinder:

In order to ensure that the propane cylinder does not leak, not pollute the environment, and does not affect the health of the operator, the state of the propane cylinder is tested and the closed recovery method is adopted to recover the residual liquid in the bottle. The cylinder is treated with residual treatment. Remove the body of the bottle and measure the concentration of the residual gas. The residual gas concentration shall not exceed 0.4 percent.

The propane cylinder must be measured only for wall thickness. The error of the thickness gauge shall not be greater than or minus 0.1mm. The thickness point should be selected in the transition zone of the upper and lower head circular arc. The barrel body should select three points. Two points should be added in the transition zone of the lower and lower head circular arc of 118L cylinder. The cylinder should be scrapped after determination to confirm that the remaining wall thickness is less than 90% of the design wall. The inner wall corrosion of cylinder is observed by endoscope or internal illumination device, and the wall thickness should be measured for the larger and more serious area. The remaining wall thickness is less than the steel cylinder of the design wall should be scrapped.

The weld appearance size and quality inspection shall also be carried out for the propane cylinder only. The weld surface and thermally affected areas should not have cracks, stomata, arc crater, slag, and incomplete fusion. The weld of the main body shall not be allowed to have a bite edge. The weld of the parts welded with the body of the bottle shall not be allowed to bite on the side of the cylinder, and the weld surface shall not be dented or irregular.

The enterprise should strengthen the inspection work before filling the cylinder. First of all, to do the propane cylinders specialists to check, check the work carries out to the people, check the responsibility to people, do not check cylinder filling, check not completely filling, check not qualified not filling products, maintenance of production safety.

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