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The second "green" bulk atmospheric gas (B.A.G.) farm will be launched in Caserta, Italy

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Industrial gas company Nippon Gases Italia, part of the Nippon Gases Europe group, has announced that it will launch a second ‘green’ bulk atmospheric gases (B.A.G.) farm in Caserta, Italy.

The announcement just a month from the start-up of its new plant in Pontinia, also in Italy, which will be the first in a series of investments the company plans to make in the country.

The new green B.A.G. line will provide various industries including pharmaceutical, medical, food and manufacturing markets with nitrogen, oxygen, and argon produced from 100% renewable sources.

Capable of storing large amounts of the gases, the facility will also include innovative automation systems, providing ‘world class performance’ when it comes to safety and operating efficiency, according to the company.

In addition to providing medical products to an area regarded as disadvantaged, the B.A.G. farm aims to use this increased level of production to consolidate its position in the Italian market.

Nippon Gases Italia said the facility will begin its start-up in, or just before, the next two years.

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