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The reason why the oxygen cylinder cannot be contaminated with oil

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Why can't the oxygen cylinder, especially the bottle mouth, be contaminated or contacted with oily substances? This problem is not completely familiar to managers engaged in use and storage. Oils and fats, especially those containing unsaturated fatty acids, are easily vaporized and exothermic. The reason why the oil yarn head and oil cloth can spontaneously ignite is due to the oxidation in the air, the heat accumulation does not dissipate, and the spontaneous combustion occurs when the spontaneous ignition point is reached. The oil vaporization rate in the air is slow, the heat generated is quickly dissipated, and it is generally not easy to gather heat and ignite spontaneously. Due to the strong oxidizing properties of pure oxygen, it can promote the violent combustion of combustibles. When the oily substance encounters pure oxygen, its gasification speed is greatly accelerated, and a large amount of heat is released at the same time. The temperature rises rapidly, which will soon cause a fire. If the mouth of the oxygen bottle is stained with grease, when the oxygen is sprayed out rapidly, the grease will undergo rapid oxidation reaction, and the heat generated by the friction between the high-pressure airflow and the bottle mouth will further accelerate the oxidation reaction, contaminating the grease on the oxygen bottle or pressure reducing valve. It will cause burning or even explosion, which is why the oxygen cylinder, especially the bottle mouth and accessories in contact with oxygen, are strictly prohibited from contacting with grease.

       So, what measures should we take to prevent oxygen cylinders from being contaminated with grease during storage, transportation and use?

  1. The oxygen cylinder and the warehouse where the oxygen is stored should be marked with grease strictly prohibited, reminding people to pay attention: in addition to the oxygen cylinder not allowed to contact grease, including accessories that come into contact with oxygen (such as pressure reducing valve, welding torch, gas hose, etc.) , can not come into contact with grease.

  2. It is strictly forbidden to store and transport the oxygen cylinders in the warehouses and transportation vehicles together with oil and fats. If the warehouse or vehicle is contaminated with oil, it must be completely removed before storage or shipment.

  3. Wear a safety helmet when storing and transporting the oxygen cylinder to prevent the intrusion of grease or dust or the mechanical damage to the nozzle of the oxygen cylinder.

  4. For the use, storage and transportation operation and management personnel, it is not allowed to wear oil-contaminated work clothes, gloves, etc. to contact the oxygen cylinder and its accessories.

  5. If the cylinder is stained with oily substances, it should be wiped with carbon tetrachloride or cleaning agent in time, but it should not be wiped with flammable organic solvents.

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