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The difference between high-purity argon and ordinary argon processes

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Currently, all argon sources are liquid. There are two types of liquid argon: high-purity argon and ordinary argon. Some machines require high-purity argon. For example, spectrometers must use high-purity argon gas.

        The difference between high-purity argon and regular argon is their purity. Purity is related to the previous air separation stage. Buy low-purity liquid argon, vaporize it, and inject it directly into the cylinder. Generally, no treatment is performed during this period, and the purity is between 99.9 and 99.99. Therefore, ordinary argon contains more gas impurities, which directly affects the welding effect.

        The production of high-purity argon requires a high-quality gas source and filling process. Generally speaking, if the feed gas is high-purity argon, the inflation process needs to replace the gas cylinder, emptying and other processes. Ordinary argon can also be used to improve the quality of purification equipment. The process of preparing high-purity argon is relatively simple and low-cost. Of course, when filling after purification, attention should also be paid to the processing and details of the bottle.

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