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The Present Market Situation of Gas Equipment

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Welcome to SEFIC News Channel! SEFIC is a gas cylinder manufacturer & gas project solution supplier in China. We offer gas project solution & gas equipment - Oxygen Gas Cylinder, Nitrogen Gas Cylinder, Argon Gas Cylinder,  CO2 Gas Cylinder,  Hydrogen Gas Cylinder,  Helium Gas Cylinder,  Acetylene gas cylinder,  CO2 Cartridge and  Aluminum Cylinder … CE/TUV certified.

According to analysis the present market situaton of gas equirpment, put out some suggests to help enterprises standing in the top line.

With the quickly development of industrial gas separation equipment, the gas equipment of China ranks first in the world. By the end of 2015, medium-sized air separation plant (more than 1000m³ / h oxygenerator or the equivalent of this scale 1500m³ / h nitrogen device) is about fourfold than ten years before. As to the amount of less than 1000m³ / h oxygenerator, less than 1500m³ / h nitrogen equipment, non-cryogenic carbon dioxide and acetylene equipment are much even more.

With the development in recently years, the number of large gas plants is rising rapidly, and the liquid device and liquefaction plants are constantly increasing too, the resources of our cryogenic liquid increasingly richer than before , so has formed a liquid oxygen, liquid argon, and liquid market.

The enterprises engaged in gas equipment manufacturing have mushroomed across the country. The development achievements in gas equipment has much significantly: rough statistics, there are about more than 550 enterprisesa doing business in certain size gas equipment manufacture and package plant.

Based on the above explanation, the development of China's industrial gas equipment is very rapidly, and the market competition is much more intensified, if the companies want to have a certain share in the market, in addition to continuously improve the quality of products, but also to pay attention to its corporate image and product image, and establish their own the brand.


( Editor: Elena )

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