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Switzerland sends 600 oxygen concentrators to Jakarta, Indonesia

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To help Indonesia fight the Covid-19 pandemic, Swiss Humanitarian Aid, on the 24th ofJuly, sent 600 oxygen concentrators to Jakarta.

Since May, Switzerland has ensured delivery of over 15 million Swiss Franc’s (CHF) worth of oxygen concentrators and other medical supplies to other countries.

This delivery of medical supplies has a total value of nearly CHF 1 million and was sent in response to a request for assistance from the Indonesian authorities.

In addition to the 600 oxygen concentrators, the shipment also included medical protective equipment (over 12,000 protective coveralls and over 45,000 face masks).

After receiving the goods in Jakarta, the equipment will then be transported to various sites by local authorities. Contact will be maintained between authorities and the Swiss embassy in Indonesia to ensure that the goods are distributed fairly.

Swiss Humanitarian Aid is part of the FDFA (Federal Department of Foreign Affairs) and has sent equipment (respirators, oxygen concentrators) to Tunisia, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Nepal and India.

The country has stated that it is ready to aid where possible upon request.

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