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Store cylinders

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Cylinders should be stored in an outdoor area with awning and awning.

When stored indoors, buildings should meet the relevant standards.

The cylinder storage room may not be located in the basement or semi-basement or in the office or in the lounge.

Storage area should be ventilated and dry, prevent rain (snow) shower, water soak, avoid direct sunlight.

No open fire and other heat sources, no trench, tunnel and bottom vent, and no pipeline passing through.

In storage of combustible and explosive gas cylinders, the lighting equipment must be explosion-proof. The electric switch and fuse should be installed outside the warehouse, and the lightning protection device should be installed.

Do not place cylinders in places that may conduct electricity.

Gas cylinders shall be classified as:

The empty bottle is separated from the full bottle, oxygen or other oxidized gas from the fuel cylinder and other flammable materials;

Acetylene cylinder and oxygen cylinder, chlorine gas bottle and flammable goods sub-chamber, toxic gas cylinder compartment, and internal medium contact can cause combustion, explosion, and toxic gas cylinder compartment.

Within 15m of the flammable gas cylinder storage site, smoking, lighting and sparking are prohibited, and corresponding warning signs are set.

With the use of acetylene cylinder, the storage of acetylene gas must not exceed 30 cubic meters (equivalent to 5 bottles of acetylene cylinder with a nominal capacity of 40L). When the storage of acetylene gas exceeds 30 cubic meters, the application of non-combustible materials to isolate the separate storage room, one side should be fixed wall.

Acetylene gas storage capacity of more than 240 cubic (40 bottles), must be rated not less than the secondary storage warehouse, and building fire prevention span should not be less than 10 m, otherwise should be separated with the firewall.

Cylinders should be stored upright, fixed or fastened with railings or stents, and no cylinder valves or heads to be used to fix cylinders.

Flame retardant materials should be used in brackets or jails, and the bottom of the cylinder should be protected from corrosion.

When storing cylinders (including empty bottles), close the bottle valve, unload the pressure reducer, put on and tighten the cylinder cap, and clean up the discharge.

The storage of gas cylinders, such as vinyl chloride, hydrogen chloride, and methyl ether, should be indicated for storage period.

Costumes are prone to polymerization or decomposition reaction gas cylinders, such as acetylene cylinder, must stipulate the period in which to store, according to the properties of the gas control storage point of maximum temperature, and should avoid radioactive source.

The cylinders should be disposed of when they are due.

Cylinders should be regularly tested for temperature and humidity in the storage area during storage, especially during the summer months.

The maximum allowable temperature of the storage site shall be determined according to the nature of the gas. The relative humidity of the storage place shall be controlled below 80%.

Storage sites for indoor storage of toxic gases or flammable gas cylinders must be monitored for concentrations of air toxic gases or flammable gases.

If the concentration exceeds the standard, the air ventilation or ventilation should be forced and the reason for the excessive concentration of dangerous gases should be determined and corrective measures should be taken.

If gas leak gas, the first should be according to the nature of the gas corresponding human protection.

If the bottle valve is out of control or the air leak point is not on the bottle valve, emergency treatment should be taken.

The equipment, ventilation equipment, cylinder handling tools and fences, fire protection and antivirus instruments shall be inspected regularly for the timely treatment of the problems.

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