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Storage of gas cylinders and protection of gas cylinders

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1. The user shall ensure that the purchased gas cylinders are of reliable quality, with accurate and intact markings, and shall not change the stamp and color marking of the gas cylinders without authorization. During the inspection, according to the type of purchased experimental gas, check whether the technical inspection label, steel stamp, logo, paint color, wording, etc. on the surface of the cylinder are correct, and do not misuse to avoid accidents.

 2. The storage place of gas cylinders should strictly prohibit open flames, keep ventilated and dry, avoid direct sunlight, and be equipped with emergency rescue facilities, gas detection and alarm devices. Among them, the distance between the hydrogen cylinder and the containers and gas cylinders containing flammable, explosive substances and oxidizing gases should not be less than 8 meters, and the distance from other flammable gas storage locations should not be less than 20 meters. Storage in violation of regulations may lead to accidents.

 3. The gas cylinder must be placed upright and properly fixed. Gas cylinders must be kept away from heat sources, radioactive sources, flammable, explosive and corrosive materials, and should be stored in separate categories, not mixed, and not stored in corridors and public places.

4. Before and after the use of gas cylinders, check the gas pipelines, joints, switches and appliances for leaks, confirm the type of gas contained and make emergency preparations for possible emergencies. After use, the main gas valve on the gas cylinder must be closed and excess air pressure in the regulator must be released.

5. In addition, good ventilation should be maintained when using gas cylinders indoors. If gas leakage is found, emergency measures such as closing the gas source, opening windows for ventilation, and evacuating personnel should be taken immediately. Do not switch the power supply when flammable and explosive gas leaks. If the gas cylinder is defective, the safety accessories are incomplete or damaged, and the safe use cannot be guaranteed, it needs to be returned to the gas supplier or a qualified unit is required for timely disposal.

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