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Sale Manager

Email: Lucia_sefic@sefindustry.com
Tel: 0086-189 1693 6617
Skype: Lucy_sefic
Whatsapp: 0086-189 1693 6617

My major is English and I am graduated from Suzhou University of Science and Technology. I am responsible for the market of overseas such as New Zealand, Germany, Slovakia, Brazil, Peru, Colombia......
We SEFIC are in the field of gas cylinder and gas for industry, welding,fire fighting, party, medical use. We aim at providing high quality, perfect service, fast delivery and complete documents......
Looking forward to your inquiry and be a partner of SEFIC!
Sale Manager
​Email: Ethan_sefic@sefindustry.com
Tel: 0086-185 1651 4595
Skype: Ethan_sefic 
Whatsapp: 0086-185 1651 4595
International Economy And Trading. Focusing on the company's products
sale, responsible for the market of Europe, South America and South East
Asia. SEFIC is professional and have reputation in the field of industrial and
medical gas equipments. Any requirements for gas and gas cylinders, feel
free to contact with us.
Team Three Supervisor

Email: Dylan_sefic@sefindustry.com
Tel: 0086-180 1766 2616
Skype: Dylan_sefic
Whatsapp: 0086-180 1766 2616

Graduated from Beijing university master's degree. I have been in the gas machinery industry for 5 years, I work in a sefic have five years, We have clients all over the world, our products have won the praise of customers, if you interested in our products, or any question about gas equmipment, please contact me freely.
Sale Manager

Email: Angie_sefic@sefindustry.com
Tel:0086-180 1766 2603
Skype: Angie_sefic
Whatsapp: 0086-180 1766 2615
My Major is Business English and graduated from Jiangxi Foreign University. 
Mainly market Europe, South America and South East, Asia etc. 
Our Company SEFIC is a professional supplier of kinds of gas cylinders with high quality and competitive price more than ten years in this industry.
helium gas cylinder, storage tanks ,Valves,Vaporizers are also exported.
Any requirements pls don't hesitate to contact me. I will try my best to help you. Thanks.
Team Five Supervisor

Email: Wency_sefic@sefindustry.com
Tel: : 0086-189 1799 1163
Skype: wency_sefic
Whatsapp: 0086-189 1799 1163

Graduate from GuangXi University Master's degree . My major is Internation Trade and Business English . have very fluently Oral English . I have work in SEFIC around 5 year , Having obtained very Professional Knowledge for Gas cylinder field and excellent market analysis skill.
Sale Manager

Email: emma_sefic@sefindustry.co
Tel: 0086-189 1690 9713
Skype: Emma_sefic
Whatsapp: 0086 133 7251 5045

Graduate from Suihua University Bachelor's degree.My major is business English.I have worked in SEFIC from year 2017.SEFIC has a professional team,and it is a lovable and friendly family. 
I am responsible for the market of overseas such as New Zealand, Greece, Belgium, panama, panama, Tanzania, Pakistan.......
Looking forward to your inquiry and be a partner of SEFIC!
Team Six  Supervisor

Email: Sophia_sefic@sefindustry.com
Tel: 0086-180 1766 2606
Skype: Sophia_sefic
Whatsapp: : 0086-180 1766 2606

Graduated from Henan University with bachelor degree.Own abundant knowledge and experience of exporting oxygen/argon/acetylene/CO2/Helium… gases, gas cylinders and gas equipment over the years.Our mission is win-win cooperation, Your success, our glory!
Sale Manager
Andy shen

Email: sunflour_sefic@sefindustry.com
Tel: 0086-189 1671 5570
Skype: Andy_sefic
Whatsapp:  0086-189 1671 5570

Graduate from Anhui Bozhou University Master's .May major is Internation Trade and Business English ,have very fluently Oral English ,I have work in SEFIC AROUND 3 years.Having obtained very Professional Knowledge for Gas Cylinder field .
i am responsible for the market of overseas such as United States, Brazil, Netherlands, Poland, Guinea, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Singapore......
Sale Supervisor

Tel: 0086-180 1766 2601
Skype: David _sefic
Whatsapp: 0086-180 1766 2601

Graduated from the Shanghai University of Business Administration, Focusing on the company's product sales, as well as the development of the market. Main Markets: European Market, South American Market, Middle East Market, etc.and have gained the reputations from our clients based on top quality for it.
Sale Manager

Email: Betty_sefic@sefindustry.com
Tel: 0086-188 0027 4391
Skype: Betty_sefic
Whatsapp: 0086-188 0027 4391

My major is Business English and I am graduated from Nanjing Xiaozhuang University.
Main market:Asia,Africa,Europe and South America
Our company SEFIC is professional in industrial&medical gas and gas cylinder,as well as in LPG cylinder and fire equipments.
Advantages we have:high quality,competitive price,fast delivery,excellent after-sale service and so on
Looking forward to your inquiry and we are glad to corporate with you.
Sale Manager

Email: Jesse_sefic@sefindustry.com
Tel: 0086-186 1624 2359
Skype: Jesse_sefic
Whatsapp: 0086-186 1624 2359

Graduated from Nanjing Aerospace University, focusing on marketing in Europe and Africa. Been Providing service and products for the best of clients.
Team seven Supervisor

Email: angela_sefic@sefindustry.com
Tel: 0086-180 1766 2603
Skype: angela_sefic
Whatsapp: 0086-180 1766 2603

Professional knowledge of  all Gases enquipment ,such as ,industrial gases ,seamless steel gas cylinder ,cryogenic tank and LPG Cylinder and filling stations and Big lox  plant  projects , Won a cooperation contract with a large reputed gas company, such as Airliquide , Linde ,paxair and BOC ,A huge number of industrial gas companies more than 100 countries , which gained great feebacks for professionally service engaged in export of gas cylinder more than eight years , and very good customer communication and negotiations
Sale Manager
Lisa Zhang
Email: Lisa_sefic@sefindustry.com
Tel:0086-180 1766 2609
Skype: lisa_sefic
Whatsapp: 0086-180 1766 2609

Guraduted from Zhengzhou University, Henan Province (SAIS, which cooperate with Fort Hays State University, USA). Major of International Economy and Trading . Committed to the sale of gas equipment for more than 6 years, such as high Pressure Gas Cylinders, Cryogenic tanks ,dewar  , AJT as well as the industrial gases . Welcome to inquiry and feel our company culture and service.
Sale Manager

Email: Joyce_sefic@sefindustry.com
Tel: 0086-180 6617 3633
Skype: Joyce_sefic
Whatsapp:  0086-180 6617 3633

my major is specialty of international economy and trade from Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medical. One year of work experience in the gas industry.
If you have any demand on gas cylinder / industrial gas, Please feel free to contact me.
Contact Information

reg.Number :  39655
Tel: 0098 4136 576 596
CEO :Yashar Adli
Email: agent_sefic@sefindustry.com

Iran Exclusive Agent of Carbon Fiber Gas Cylinder
Sale Manager

Email: Ella_sefic@sefindustry.com
Tel:0086-189 1731 8132
Skype: Ella_sefic
Whatsapp: 0086-189 1731 8132

I major in English in college, and I choose to be a foreign trade salesman. We are the top supplier of gas cylinders and affiliated equipment, and have exported to many countries. To serve the customers is our mission, if you have any need and questions, we will try our best to satisfy you.
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