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Precautions for installing the pressure reducing valve

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The installation of the pressure reducing valve must be in accordance with the direction of the arrow on the valve body to maintain the direction of fluid flow. If the water quality is not clean and contains some impurities, the filter must be installed at the upstream inlet of the pressure reducing valve (recommended filtration accuracy is not less than 0.5mm).

The pressure reducing valve plays a certain role in the pipeline. In order to prevent the damage of the water hammer, a small expansion tank can also be installed to prevent damage to the pipeline and the valve.

The filter must be installed in front of the inlet pipe of the pressure reducing valve, and the expansion tank must be installed after the pressure reducing valve outlet pipe!

If you need to install the pressure relief valve in a hot water system, you must install a check valve between the pressure relief valve and the expansion tank so that the expansion tank can absorb the volume of water that is increased by thermal expansion and prevent heat. The effect of water backflow or pressure fluctuations on the pressure reducing valve ensures that the pressure reducing valve will work normally for a long time.

When you have to install a pressure relief valve on your building, you have two options:

A.Decompression of the main pipe is carried out, and a pressure reducing valve is used. When the floor is below 5 floors, it can be used. The disadvantage is that the water pressure of each floor is different, and the price of a large-diameter pressure reducing valve is higher. When the floor is higher than 5 floors, it cannot be used.

B.Decompression of branch pipe is used, and a pressure reducing valve is used on each floor, each layer has a water pressure of 3.0 bar. It is not only conducive to the normal use of water, but also conducive to water conservation, the same water supply pressure, can supply water for the 26-story building only need to install a pressure relief valve for 1-21. (The height of each floor is 3 meters, that is, the water pressure drops by 0.3 bar for each floor.)

If the main pipe water pressure is too high, you must first reduce the water pressure and then use the branch pipe to decompress.

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