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Oxygen cylinder use and precautions

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1. The gas in the oxygen cylinder cannot be completely used up, and the residual pressure of not less than 0.05MP should be retained.

2. The distance between the oxygen cylinder and the open flame should be no less than 10 meters, should not be close to the heat source, and should not be exposed to sunlight. It should be stored in a dry and cool place, and the cylinder should not be hit.

3. Oxygen bottle mouth, inhaler, pressure gauge, and interface thread are strictly prohibited from staining (dyeing) grease.

4. When transporting and loading and unloading the oxygen cylinder, close the bottle valve, tighten the cap, and gently move it. Do not hit the roller and throw it. During the movement, parking and use of the oxygen supply, please pay attention to the protection of the bottle and the valve to prevent the cylinder from tipping over, so as to avoid damage to the accessories.

5. If air leakage is found during use, please close the cylinder valve immediately. Please do not repair it yourself. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the parts on the valve such as the oxygen cylinder valve, valve switch and pressure gauge.

6, the user is strictly prohibited to fill the oxygen privately. The oxygen cylinder inflation pressure shall not exceed the specified pressure. It is strictly forbidden to over-load; the gas cylinder shall be inspected every 3 years, and then it can continue to be used after passing the test.

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