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Oxygen cylinder stay away from grease

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Friends who often use oxygen bottles may know that oxygen cylinders should stay away from fat. So what should we adopt in our daily lives? I'll give you a quick comment. You can check it out.


1, The warehouse and transportation vehicles of the storage tanks are prohibited from storing and transporting the oil and oil products. If the warehouse, vehicle infection has the oil to be cleaned thoroughly, ability to store or ship.

2, oxygen, oxygen tanks and storage in the warehouse should be no grease marks, prompt people to pay attention to except oxygen bomb sterilise touch oil contains attachments with oxygen touch, can't touch the grease.

3, The oxygen cylinder is stored and transported into the safety helmet to avoid the mechanical damage of oil or dust or oxygen cylinder mouth.

4,If the cylinder is adhered to grease, it should be cleaned in time with carbon tetrachloride or cleaning agent.

Of course, there is a certain requirement for the corresponding staff, not to wear the oil stained overalls, gloves and other touching oxygen cylinders and accessories.

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