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Oxygen cylinder should not be contaminated with grease

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Why is it that oxygen cylinders, especially the bottles, can't infect and touch the oil? Because of grease, especially contain not plump fat and acid fat, very simple gasification exorcise. Oil gauze head, oil cloth because can help combustion is because in the atmosphere the attack oxidizes effect, gather heat not to disperse, when reaching the spontaneous combustion point and cause combustion.


And the oil in the air gasification speed is slower, the heat of the attack quickly, it is not easy to get hot spontaneous combustion. Because pure oxygen is highly oxidized, it can promote the burning of combustibles. The lipid material encounters pure oxygen, its gasification speed is greatly accelerated. And it gives off a lot of heat. The temperature rises rapidly and will soon start burning. Assuming that grease on oxygen bottle, when oxygen urgent speed jet, make fat oxidation reaction, quick attack and the onset of heat and high pressure air flow and mouth to further accelerate the oxidation reaction. So contamination in oxygen bomb perhaps the grease of the pressure reducing valve can cause burning, so that the explosion, which is oxygen bottles especially oxygen bottle mouth, and touch the spare parts of untouchable infected with grease.

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