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Oxygen Gas Cylinder

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             Oxygen is one of the components of air, colorless, odorless, tasteless. Oxygen is heavier than air, in the standard conditions (0 ℃ and atmospheric pressure 101325 mpa) density of 1.429 g/l, soluble in water, but the solubility is small. Oxygen can be directly combined with many elements to produce oxides. Oxygen is necessary for combustion and animal and plant breathing gas, oxygen enriched air used for medical and aloft, pure oxygen used for steel and metal cutting, welding, oxygen as oxidant of rocket engine. The oxygen used in production is fractionated with liquid air. The laboratory takes oxygen salts (potassium chlorate, potassium permanganate, etc.) to make oxygen. Chemical properties of oxygen oxygen chemical properties: oxygen is a kind of chemically active gas, it can be with a variety of special material such as metal, nonmetal, compound oxidation reaction, reaction
Oxygen gas (28).jpg intensity due to the different conditions, can be characterized by slow oxidation and burning and explosion, the reaction to emit a large amount of heat. Non-metallic reaction (1) (1) oxygen and intense burning charcoal in oxygen, emit white light, colorless, odorless generated can make the clarification limewater turbid gas, (2) intense burning sulfur in the oxygen, producing bright violet flame, generates colorless, (3) phosphorus white phosphorus can slow oxidation with oxygen in the air, reach the point of ignition (40 ℃), caused by spontaneous combustion, (4) hydrogen combustion in oxygen, produce light blue flame, to cover a beaker dry reaction (1) (2) the flame of oxygen and metal magnesium or intense combustion in oxygen in the air, a dazzling white light, produce white powder material, (2) iron oxide red hot wire in oxygen combustion, sparks, generate black solid matter. (3) oxygen and chemical reaction of carbon monoxide in oxygen to produce blue flame, producing a gas that clarifies the lime-water turbidity. Methane (biogas) is burned in oxygen to produce the gas and water that makes the lime water cloudy. A candle burns in oxygen to generate carbon dioxide and water.

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