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New hydrogen refueling station opened in Shandong Province, China

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A new hydrogen refueling station has been put into use in China’s Shandong Province for refueling buses and trucks-one of the first hydrogen refueling stations in the province.

Industrial gas giant Air Products announced the opening of the station on August 13 to support China's hydrogen entry demonstration project.

The project was initiated by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China in cooperation with the Shandong Provincial Government to promote hydrogen energy and demonstrate the application of hydrogen in industrial parks, community buildings and transportation.

The refueling station is owned and operated by Air Products, equipped with the company’s patented refueling technology and two state-of-the-art refueling machines. The hydrogen energy is provided by the company’s production facility in Zibo.

The gas station can provide fuel for multiple public buses and trucks used for logistics.

At the opening ceremony, the president of Air Products China said: "Shandong has a strategic roadmap and clear goals for hydrogen development."

"As a leader in the field of hydrogen energy and hydrogen energy, Air Products is honored to contribute our expertise, technology and end-to-end solutions to this strategic demonstration project, which will greatly promote the development of hydrogen energy in the province and even the whole country. develop. "

"We are committed to continuing to work with local governments, our customers and partners to support China's 14th Five-Year Plan and the '30·60' decarbonization goal to promote sustainable development."


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