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New LNG carriers to help reduce Covid-19 spread

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Potential for the spreading of infectious diseases such as Covid-19 in confined areas like crew accommodation quarters on ships was addressed as part of a joint development project (JDP) between the American Shipping Bureau and Hyundai Heavy Industries.

The project comprised an effort to optimise liquefied natural gas (LNG) carrier design including the improvement of hull design as well as machinery, electrical and piping arrangements.

In addition to developing new rule requirements and simplifying the approvals process, the JDP developed designs centred around accommodation and ventilation as a response to the growing demand for the industry to focus on the mitigation of the spread of infectious diseases such as Covid-19.

Recognising that the environment around the shipping industry is changing and that the ‘pandemic situation’ has affected the entire world, Executive Vice President, HHI, said, “As the result of this JDP, HHI will design and build more efficient and secure vessels benefitting both the environment and human beings.”

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