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Medical oxygen

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Refers to the oxygen whose oxygen concentration reaches 99.5% of the quality requirements. It is suitable for the adjuvant treatment of respiratory system diseases, heart and cerebrovascular diseases caused by hypoxia to relieve the symptoms of hypoxia; it can also be used for health care oxygen inhalation or quick relief of fatigue after intense mental work and physical work.

Oxygen concentration of 99.5% is qualified, high purity, few impurities, colorless and odorless.

  Medical oxygen requires extremely low water content. (Moisture can oxidize iron, which will cause great damage to the human body once inhaled)

The medical oxygen used must have a drug batch number approved by the health department. Only the health bureaus (departments) of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government have the authority to approve drug batch numbers.

Medical oxygen has a shelf life, which is generally 12 months from the production date. Before using oxygen, it should be strictly checked whether the shelf life has expired.

According to national requirements, medical oxygen cylinders must be tested for water pressure every 3 years to ensure the safety of oxygen cylinders.

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