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Knowledge of seamless cylinder use

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The oxygen cylinder is the storage and transport pressure vessel, and there are some special requirements for the structure and application of the pressure vessel. Therefore, in the test, besides the relevant specifications of the pressure vessel, there are special specifications. So what do you need to be aware of when using oxygen cylinders? The following details are introduced:


1. The cylinder should avoid sun exposure and away from high temperature, open fire and metal spatter.

2. The storage should be set up, and the cap of the bottle should be put in place to protect the oil and dust into the mouth of the bottle, and the railings and stents should be strong to prevent the slanting.

3. It should be more than one meter above the radiator and other heat sources.

Now, oxygen tanks have been used in hospitals, emergency shelters, nursing homes, home care, field aid, personal care and a variety of anoxic environments to make up for oxygen's more ambitious oxygen supply. It is becoming more demanding.

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