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Knowledge of seamless cylinder usage

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Oxygen cylinders are storage-type pressure vessels. There are special requirements in structure and application that are different from those of fixed pressure vessels. Therefore, in addition to the relevant specifications of the pressure vessel, the inspection also has its own specifications. What should you watch out for when using oxygen cylinders? The following is specific for us:


1, cylinders should avoid sunlight exposure, away from high temperatures, open flames and metal splashes.

2, should establish a deposit, screw on the bottle cap, defend the grease and dust into the bottle, and there are railings and brackets firm, to prevent skewing.

3, should be away from the radiator and other heat sources more than 1 meter.

    At present, oxygen cylinders are already equipped for hospitals, emergency stations, nursing homes, home care, field assistance, personal health care, and various oxygen-starved environments. Its requirements are more stringent.

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