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India pushes 50 MT minimum for oxygen production

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As India struggles to provide its population with enough medical oxygen during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Delhi Government has put in place a minimum production capacity target of 50 million tonnes (MT), according to India TV News.

The report states that, following notification given to the Medical Oxygen Production Promotion Policy 2021, liquid oxygen manufacturing facilities must meet this target either by increasing the existing units’ production capacity or via other manufacturing methods.

Further oxygen production measures will also be emphasised, with a plan to establish non-captive oxygen generation plants of minimum 10 MT and maximum 100 MT capacity.

To fulfil the high demand for medical oxygen at hospitals and nursing homes, the policy include captive oxygen generation plants of maximum 500 LPM (litres per minute).

Subsidies will be provided by the Delhi Government for the installation of liquid medical oxygen storage tanks in hospitals, providing the tanks are obtained and installed by the end of the year.

Providing certain conditions are met, the Delhi Government will also provide power subsidies in addition to the capital subsidies for the plants


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