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How to use high pressure cylinders

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Cylinders should be placed in a cool, away from power sources, heat sources (such as sunlight, heat, fire, etc.).

And fix it. The flammable gas cylinder must be stored separately from the oxygen cylinder.

    (2) Wear a bottle cap and a rubber waistband when handling the cylinder. Take it lightly, don't roll on the ground, avoid

Avoid impact and suddenly fall.

    (3) High-pressure cylinders must be installed after the pressure reducing valve is installed. Generally, the threads of the valve on the flammable gas cylinder are reversed (such as hydrogen, acetylene), and the non-combustible or combustion-supporting cylinder (such as N2, O2) is a positive wire. Various pressure reducing valves must not be mixed.

    (4) When opening or closing the air valve, the operator should avoid the direction of the bottle mouth and stand on the side to prevent the valve or pressure gauge from rushing out of the injury and slow operation.

    (5) The bottle mouth and pressure reducing valve of the oxygen cylinder are strictly prohibited from contaminating grease. When opening the oxygen cylinder, special attention should be paid to the hands and tools. There should be no grease on the tools. The oil on the wrench should be washed with alcohol and used after drying to prevent burning and explosion.

    (6) Oxygen cylinders and hydrogen cylinders are strictly prohibited from being used in the same laboratory.

    (7) The gas in the cylinder cannot be completely used up, and the residual pressure above 0.05MPa gauge should be maintained to prevent danger when refilling.

(8) Cylinders must be sent for inspection regularly, and qualified cylinders can be inflated.

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