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How to manage gas and steel cylinders safely

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A gas cylinder is a special pressure vessel.

The main parameters include:

1. Normal ambient temperature: -40 to 60 ° C;

2. Nominal working pressure is 1.0 to 30Mpa;

3. Nominal volume is 0.4L to 3000L;

4. Hold permanent gas, liquefied gas or mixed gas;

5. Seamless, welded and specialty gas cylinders.

1. The pressure of the compressed gas and liquefied gas in the cylinder is greatly affected by the temperature. Therefore, the design requires the pressure inside the cylinder at 60 ° C as the design pressure;

2. Due to the small diameter of the gas cylinder, internal inspection cannot be performed. Therefore, the pressure test is required to be high, and the test pressure is required to be 1.5 times the design pressure.

The enterprise shall purchase or fill gas cylinders from the manufacturer with a gas cylinder production or gas cylinder filling license, and shall carry out inspection and acceptance before receiving.

Cylinders that do not pass the inspection must not be accepted.

 Cylinder users shall appoint on-site management personnel of the cylinder to check the appearance of the cylinder regularly when receiving the cylinder and during the use of the cylinder.

Hold the corresponding labels in accordance with the relevant requirements of the Safety Visualization Management Regulations.

 Defective gas cylinders should be separated from other gas cylinders and replaced or scrapped in time.


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