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How to manage How to manage seamless cylinder safety

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The use of seaming cylinders should be carried out on the basis of the rules and regulations stipulated by the state. We use traditional Chinese medicine regularly for inspection at ordinary times. It is not allowed to be placed with dangerous substances and kept away from the heat source.

1. Seamless cylinder must be inspected regularly as required. It is strictly prohibited to charge the overdue gas cylinder.

2. No contact with grease in seamless cylinder. Operators should not wear overgreasy overalls and should not touch oxygen cylinders and their accessories with hand, oil gloves and oil tools.

3. Seamless steel cylinder should be far away from inflammable and explosive goods, away from open fire and heat source, its safe distance should be more than 10 meters, and the distance between it and acetylene bottle should be no less than 3 meters, and cannot be stored in the same room.

4. Use oxygen bottles in winter. If the cylinder valve or pressure reducer freezes, use boiled water or steam to defrost.


5. The oxygen in the seamless cylinder is not fully used, and the residual pressure above 0.1MPa is required to prevent other gases from flowing back into the cylinder.

6. When working in the same place as the welder, an insulating pad should be added at the bottom of the cylinder to prevent the cylinder from being charged. The pipeline equipment in contact with the cylinder shall be equipped with grounding device to prevent fire and explosion caused by static electricity. When welding at the same site, seamless cylinder to ensure insulation, the cylinder is not conductive.

7. Before installing the decompression device, first open the bottle valve to blow away the dirt at the mouth of the bottle. Open the bottle valve gently and slowly.

8. During outdoor operation and transportation in summer, seamless steel bottles should be shaded to prevent exposure to the sun, and avoid excessive pressure caused by gas expansion.

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