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How much do you know about the gas cylinder?

Views: 3     Author: Gavin——SEFIC     Publish Time: 2017-07-05      Origin: Baidu Encyclopedia

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Storage of high-pressure oxygen gas cylinders, gas, liquefied petroleum gas, such as steel gas cylinders. Cylinders of safe storage and transportation of gas cylinders are generally dressed permanent gas, liquefied gas or gas mixture. Bottle filling gas cylinders unit, gas cylinder test unit, a cylinder with a single (including factories, laboratories, hospitals, schools, CDC, electronic room, clean room, industrial establishments, etc.), bottled gas and gas cylinder distribution units cylinders urgent need to improve the management should be strengthened transport, storage of gas cylinders bottle security management.

Principles of safe storage of gas cylinders

1. Should be placed in a dedicated warehousing, storage of dangerous goods must comply with state regulations, gas cylinders shall comply with the relevant provisions of the warehouse "building design for fire protection" must be equipped with professional knowledge and technical personnel, their coffers and places should be set up by professionals with reliable Personal safety protective equipment, and set the "dangerous", "No smoking" sign.

2. There shall warehouse trench, underground passage, not flames and other heat sources inside, warehouses should be well ventilated, dry, avoid direct sunlight; storage warehouse and storage room should have good ventilation, cooling and other facilities, not a trench, underground passage and bottom vents, and Do any pipeline through, should avoid direct sunlight, away from the radioactive ray source. Should ensure that dry cylinders. Summer should prevent exposure.

3. Easy to play dress polymerization or decomposition reaction gas cylinders, the maximum temperature must be controlled according to the nature of gas inside the warehouse, and the provisions of the storage period, and should avoid the radiation source.

4. Empty bottles should be separated from the actual place, and there are clear signs of toxic gases and gas cylinder gas bottle mutual contact can cause a fire, explosion, produce poison cylinder compartment should be kept, and set up anti-virus appliance or in the vicinity of fire fighting equipment. Must explosives, oxidizers, flammable items, spontaneous combustion, corrosive materials isolated storage.

5.Gas cylinders should be placed neatly, keep upright, properly fixed, and the measures should prevent dumping. Innovative new all plastic gas cylinders and gas cylinders fixed plate holder perfect solution to store gas cylinders and gas cylinder fixing problems, improve safety and avoid gas cylinders placed disorganized, in line with the US Occupational Health Administration standards of OSHA 29 CFR.1910 provides greatly enhanced security gas cylinders. Innovative fixed plate gas cylinder and gas cylinder holder of all plastic construction, will not be as heavy as steel products, the occurrence of rust and crumbs, especially for clean rooms, clean rooms, operating theaters, electronic room cleanliness requirements for high occasions.

The principle of the safe transport of gas cylinders

1. Transportation must be safe and reliable. Full plastic gas cylinder carts and trolleys common metal gas cylinders compared to the transport process No friction sparks, will not corrode, no noise, no maintenance. In addition, all plastic gas cylinders than the metal gas cylinders push carts Powerful, better balance, and better operability. Light, effortless, and durable. Can be adapted to any surface, carrying gas cylinder Up to 31 cm diameter.

2. Must wear a good bottle cap (with the exception of guard cylinders), (except manifold gas cylinders) Earthquake circle, gently, non-throwing, sliding, rolling, touch.

3. When lifting, prohibited the use of electromagnetic crane rope and metal chain. 4. Gas bottle mutual contact can cause fire, explosion, produce poison gas cylinders, not with the car (car) transportation; flammable, flammable, corrosive materials or chemical reaction with gas bottle items, not together with the gas cylinder transportation.

5. When using vehicle transport, gas cylinders should be properly fixed. When stand up, the car should be more than 2/3 of the height of the bottle high, and when lying down, gas cylinders should be directed to either side, stack height must not exceed five and shall not exceed the height of the car.

6. Summer sun transport facilities should avoid the sun; in the downtown area of the city during the day should be avoided transportation.

7. When transporting flammable gas cylinders, no pyrotechnics. Should be equipped with fire fighting equipment on transport.

8. Transportable gas car, boat not near downtown, crowded schools, theaters, shops and other large dock; the car, the boat docked, the driver may not leave at the same time with escorts.

9. Gas cylinders containing liquefied petroleum gas, non-transport more than 50 km away. 10. Inflatable gas cylinders should strictly comply with the provisions of the transport of dangerous goods transport regulations.

11. Transport enterprises should develop emergency treatment measures, drivers and guards should be handled correctly.

Principles of safe use of gas cylinders

1. high-pressure gas cylinders must be categorized and safe custody, to be fixed when placed upright and secure; gas cylinders away from heat, avoid exposure and strong vibration; general laboratory and storing gas cylinders shall not exceed two bottles.

a. In the gas cylinder shoulder, played with the following stamp mark Date of manufacture gas cylinder model factory working pressure pneumatic test pressure Pressure test date and the date of the next volume of gas cylinders for examination Weight.

b. In order to avoid confusion when using a variety of gas cylinders, the gas cylinder is often painted different colors, indicating the name of the gas bottle.

2. the selection of the high pressure gas cylinder regulator dedicated to be classified, when installing the fastener to be tightened to prevent leakage; open, and switch off the pressure reducer valve, the action must be slow; when using the first rotary switch valve After opening reducer; run, turn off the switch valve, do I put the gas, and then turn off the pressure reducer. Must not only off the pressure reducer, not shut off valve.

3. When using high-pressure gas cylinders, the operator should stand in the position of the cylinder perpendicular to the interface. When the operation is prohibited beat hit, and frequently check for leaks, you should pay attention to the pressure gauge readings.

4. hydrogen oxygen gas cylinders or bottles, should be equipped with special tools, and forbidden contact with the oil. The operator can not wear contaminated with various oils or easily induced static clothing gloves in order to avoid a fire or explosion.

5. flammable gas and combustion gas cylinders, and the fire of the distance should be greater than ten meters (indeed difficult to achieve, you can take quarantine measures).

6. gas cylinders after use, should be required to stay above the residual pressure 0.05MPa. Flammable gases should be remaining 0.2MPa ~ 0.3MPa (about 2kg / cm2 ~ 3kg / cm2 gauge) H2 should be retained 2MPa, to prevent the risk of re-inflated, can not run out of exhaustion.

7. the various gas cylinders must be checked periodically technology. Refillable gas cylinders are generally inspected once three years; as found in the use of serious corrosion or serious injury, should be tested in advance.

( From Baidu Encyclopedia, Ttranslator: Gavin-SEFIC )

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