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How can industrial cylinders be safely managed

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Industrial gas cylinders are cylinders used to store and transport industrial gases. Generally, gases stored include carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen, and oxygen. We must pay attention to safety when using it, and take correct use to avoid explosion accidents. Separated from flammable objects, the correct use ensures the safety of personal property.


1. Before using the gas cylinder, check the safety condition to confirm the gas contained in the gas, and do not meet the safety technical requirements.

Bottles are strictly prohibited from being used in storage and use; cylinders must be used in strict accordance with the instructions in the instruction manual.

2. When the cylinder is placed upright, reliable measures to prevent dumping should be taken.

3. The gas in the bottle shall not be used up, and the residual pressure or weight shall be left. The residual pressure of the permanent gas cylinder shall not be less than 0.055 MPa; the cylinder of liquefied gas shall be not less than 0.5%-1. 0%. The remaining amount of gas is specified.

4. The cylinders at the job site should not exceed 5 bottles in the same place; if more than 5 bottles, but not more than 20 bottles, there should be fire and explosion prevention measures; when more than 20 bottles, more than 20 bottles must be set.

5. The gas cylinder should not be close to the heat source. The distance between the flammable and combustion gas cylinders and the open flame should be greater than 10 meters, and the wall temperature of the cylinder should be less than 60 °C. It is strictly forbidden to heat the cylinder with a heat source with a temperature exceeding 40 °C.

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