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High pressure alloy steel pipe selection precautions

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High-pressure alloy pipe material variety and different nature, therefore regardless of iron metal and nonferrous metal materials, or non-metallic materials will be discussed later natural has different applications. When choosing materials, high alloy steel pipe products by using occasions (for example: the strength requirements, environmental factors and cost considerations, etc.), and various materials, due to the different structure has its proper purposes, therefore how to make materials applied to optimal material suitable, is the largest of material selection criteria. In this paper, several important considerations for material selection are presented, and examples are given. The specifications of the materials shall conform to the requirements for use

The most basic consideration of the selection of high pressure alloy steel tube materials is to meet the characteristics and requirements of the products, such as tensile strength, cutting and corrosion resistance, etc. Many materials can seem to meet the requirements of use, but if you choose a CNS mark or the material meet the national standards, such as: our CNS Japan JIS American ASTM DIN, SAE, AISI, UNS Germany, etc., due to its chemical composition and mechanical properties were tested, have certain guarantee, so the quality will be more secure.

The price of the materials should be reasonable

Price is another important factor in choosing materials. Because good materials are expensive, the cost of the product is bound to improve, and the competitiveness will be reduced. So if the material is not the only option, then the reasonable price of the same level material or the development of new product replacement is a good solution.

The quality of alloy pipe material should be consistent

High alloy steel pipe products, if is single don't have to consider the problem of consistency, but if it is belong to mass production, the supply of materials must be stable and quality must be to just go, otherwise, refund or compensation caused by the bad product, whether in money and credit losses will likely makes up for hard, so at the beginning of the choice of the material supply, high voltage source of consistent and the stability of the alloy steel pipe material quality is also important factor.

The choice is good, want to consider from above three respects commonly.

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