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Helium purity up to 99.9995%

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At 13:00 on September 3, the first set of helium purification and liquefaction unit in the P1 bid section of the Russian Amur natural gas processing plant project undertaken by China Energy Construction Gezhouba Group was successfully commissioned and the high-purity helium product delivery ceremony was held in the liquid helium loading area. The project owner, Gazprom, and personnel from all participating units participated in the commissioning ceremony on site.

Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the important moment of helium production in the project together with the project owner and the participating parties through a video connection.

It is reported that the helium production device put into production this time has an annual output of 20 million cubic meters of commercial helium gas, which is one of the key devices of the project. In order to ensure the smooth commissioning of the device, all employees of the Amur branch of Energy China Gezhouba Group are ready to deploy scientifically, strengthen on-site inspections, overcome difficulties at all levels, and successfully complete the debugging of the device, and the helium purity of the output reaches the standard of 99.9995%. , Possess the ability to stably produce commercial helium gas.

On May 1, 2021, the first NGL/NRU device in the P1 bid section of the project was officially put into operation, sounding the clarion call for the Sino-Russian Eastern Route to transport China’s clean natural gas; on June 9, the first production line of the project was officially put into operation. The Russian energy cooperation has yielded fruitful results again; on July 12, the second NGL/NRU device and the first helium purification and liquefaction device entered the commissioning stage, which provided a strong guarantee for the completion of the 2021 gas transmission target task on the Sino-Russian Eastern Route.

In the next step, we will speed up the construction of the project while doing a good job in normalizing the epidemic prevention and control, and make every effort to promote the smooth completion and production of other phases of the project, and reach the goal of production and operation for the whole year.

from: IGchina

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